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Criminal Law

Henry Lagman is an experienced criminal attorney. He has won many difficult cases – for example a conspiracy to commit armed robbery case by a “DIRECTED” verdict of acquittal. (This is most unusual and criminal trial practice.)In the field of DUI defense, Henry Lagman is a member of the national College of DUI defense with over 35 years experience in defending drinking and driving offenses. One of his most notable victories stemmed from a not guilty verdict after only one hour and 15 minutes or jury deliberation. This is where police officer was charged with a DUI by state trooper. The result was NOT GUILTY.


In the area of bankruptcy, he has wide experience in chapter 7, chapter 13 and chapter 11. If you’re considering bankruptcy, see the bankruptcy section for his thoughts on the difficult choices involving bankruptcy. This website can only give you a flavor of the information to address your needs.

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Domestic Relations

In the area of domestic relations, Henry Lagman is experiencing divorce litigation in mediation. You may not want this divorce and separation. But then again, you may see no alternative. Many attorneys do not utilize their clients insights in dealing with this difficult and painful subject. If you are considering this often confusing and an agonizing process, you owe it to yourself to hear his thoughts on how to proceed before you embark on this traumatic experience.

Henry Lagman has had many jury trials as a trial lawyer. He has presented many criminal offenses including those involved in drug possession and driving under the influence.

He is an affordable attorney in Birmingham, Alabama. Divorce, Bankruptcy, DUI, Criminal Law and many other areas of the law. FREE CONSULTATION. Call today: 205 – 987 – 2005.

When it really counts; when you need more than just a lawyer, you need EXPERIENCE and with Henry Lagman, –



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