“Point Cards” are a method by which you can assemble a timeline.  They help you organize your life and can give you confidence in telling your story.  They also provide a framework for your case. They can be done on index cards are online but follow the same format.


Please complete the form or “card” below as many times as necessary to get each event into the timeline.


  • You do not have to enter them in any order.  We will take care of sorting them on our end.
  • If you do not remember the exact date use estimate the closest date you can.
  • If you have events which relate to the date of a confrontation; a divorce; signing a contract or agreement list them each as a separate event.
  • Be as brief as possible and include only what happen to make the event important. Usually one event per day, but if events occurred later on in the day, which are important, create another card.
  • You can use whatever you need to help you establish the event; Your diary; Facebook page; Emails; friends. The point being, use every resource you have at your disposal to establish a timeline.  This will really help you get organized and focused.