Before you Lease

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You need to check you rental space out thoroughly before you sign the lease. These are just a few things to look for:

Check out the following:

  • Run water and see if it drains quickly.
  •  See that the toilet flushes properly.
  •  Make sure there are no loose wires or missing outlets.
  •  Walk around to find out if the floor is sturdy or if it “gives” in places.
  • Check the floors, walls and ceiling for any holes.
  •  See that the windows and doors are sealed properly.
  •  Look for water stains and other signs of leaks.
  •  See that the heater and air conditioner work.
  •  If the place comes with a refrigerator or stove, make sure these things work.
  •  Look over the grounds and other common areas, such as halls or laundry rooms, to make sure they’re clean and safe.

If things don’t look in order you may need to check out another place to rent. If you decide to go forward with a rental agreement. Do the following:

  •  Make a list of the problems you see.
  •  Ask the landlord to agree to fix all those problems.
  •  Write down that she agrees not to charge you for these repairs.
  •  Write down when she agrees to finish the repairs.
  •  Have your landlord sign the paper.
  •  Keep this itemization list with your important documents.