Tenant’s Rights against the Landlord

Right to Damages
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Your Rights against the Landlord

You do have rights against your landlord under the Landlord Tenant Act.

You’ll need to contact me so we can discuss the merits of your claim and how to get monetary damages. You may be able to stop the eviction by asking the court to issue an order called an injunction. These are things that need to be taken up immediately.
If the landlord has filed an eviction against you, you can raise these matters in the eviction proceedings. In any legal action, if you win, you may receive money called attorney fees, to offset what you may have to pay for your lawyer.
If you break your lease you may be liable for your responsibilities under the lease. If you don’t correct a lease violation your landlord can sue for damages or get a court order against you. If he wins you may have to pay money damages as well as his attorney fees.

It is best under these circumstances to call me to discuss your options.

Tenants have specific rights……follow this link to the complete Alabama Tenant’s Handbook.