Child custody in Alabama  is often the most difficult and emotionally wrenching of all the areas of divorce litigation. While the practice of family law is usually viewed as requiring no special qualifications, it is in fact a complex piece of litigation. One must also have a degree of sensitivity besides extensive preparation and knowledge.


 The Divorce Trial


There are many questions that you need to ask in pursuing child custody. One should be educated as to what is expected in litigation as well as possible options for compromise on custody and visitation arrangements.

Sometimes I believe that a spouse is only asking for custody in order to again an emotional advantage in the divorce case. Knowing how to deal with this type of opponent can only come from years of experience. You would be surprised at just how valuable a good strategic plan can function. Your lawyer may have a plan- but does he bring you “inside of the bubble” so that you know the plan as well as he does?

 The questions such as, “Who has been the nurturing parent?”; “Who has been the primary working parent?” and “How much contact have parents had with the children throughout the week” should be carefully considered. Surprisingly, school records, medical and dental records, and other similar “mundane” documents will reveal the involvement with and importance of the child to the parent. There are significant number of facts to analyze in determining the strengths and weaknesses of a custody case. It is one thing for parents to complain about the parenting of another spouse, it is another thing if that parent has not been the primary caregiver.

 Everything, including all the facts must be analyzed and witnesses questioned to determine the strength of your individual case. Every client contemplating a custody action should work closely with me to complete a custody questionnaire. Only after we have worked through and explored all the potential issues and highlights will I have a complete understanding of your individual case. There are specific things you can do to be inside the bubble- be sure to ask me how. If you follow my direction there will not be anything that you are not prepared for in the courtroom. What you do now will give you strength to have a winning divorce.

 With over 40 years of practicing law there is no substitute for thorough preparation. I pride myself on bringing the client into the preparation of their litigation. Bringing the client “into the bubble” of preparation ensures that everything you want brought before the court is considered.