Coming Parables

The following are stories that are coming by Henry Lagman in the Month of November 2014. (All Rights Reserved)

The Rule of the Mule’s Tale

What is a Gentle Man?

The Perfect Roast Husband- Southern Style

1st Phone call From Hell

Finding Heaven

Be Careful what you Sign

Wouldn’t you Know

Never Buy Just one BMW

You want a Family?

The Will

Hog Wild

Where God Finds Us.


A Red Dress can Ruin Your Life

It’s Never to Late

State of Play

Joker’s Road

The Ethical Rabbit

Being Daniel

Techniques of Evasion

Prisoner of the Moment

Going to Paradise

Judge Phansigar

Turning the Tables

Poor Little Rich Bad Girl

The Courtship of Another Man’s Wife

Alternative Circumstances

13 Camels

The Voice of our own Hecklers

How to Run Fingers through the Soul

Learning to Shine in Scheol

The Perfect Piece of Toast

Pure Magic