Client Training to be a Good Witness and How to Prepare for Trial

I believe that client training is important.  You need to be trained to testify in court.  Professional witnesses, (Police officers, Expert witnesses, and others receive this training, now you can too.) Knowing how to prepare for court and getting ready to testify is probably one of the most critical parts of taking any case to court. Yes, you can go into your lawyer’s office in sit through hours of preparation while he bills you at his hourly rate. Your expenses go up and most often your tension to does too.

In the end this process is often compressed, sometimes because of your schedule sometime cause of the attorney’s schedule. The things that are included in this training are things that you can do in your on home rather than your attorney’s office.  In the end the goal is to be better prepared for the process of going to court.

I am in the process of preparing certain tools for the benefit of my clients and those that are members of this website. Regardless of whether you’re my client, or are going to court as a witness or even if you are contemplating going to court in the future, it can be of value. If you are truly concerned about your case and want the best outcome with the least amount of worry- preparation is a sure antidote.

If you are represented by counsel, you need to defer to his or her opinion and preparation methods, as your attorney knows the facts of your case and special circumstances of your legal issues. This course will be offered only for the purposes of general education. Please see the client training tab as it is developed. It is my hope that it will make a difference.

I am also in the process of developing a professional level training course to pass on my thoughts about “winning the un-winnable case”. It will be a professional training course based upon my 37 years of experience in trial practice. It is for those legal professionals who are interested. I can assure you it is not what you learned in law school and is a counterpoint to everything that you have practiced.  Most attorneys think they can not win the un-winnable case. To those I say, come back and find out how.

So if you like to participate, register to receive exclusive content.

Henry Lagman