Why Write Parables

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“When you get to that part of your life and you think you have something to say to yourself, and you won’t stop talking long enough to listen- you take up writing.”
– Henry Lagman


These parables are stories which were prepared as a part of my participation in the November 2012  National Write Your Novel Month. The threshold was 50,000 words for the month. My word count was 76,723. I did not write a novel, but sought to amuse myself by these stories. Eventually I did start a novel called Judge Knott. It is as of yet not posted. People have asked me if the stories are true.




I have a fertile imagination, and varied life experience. Throughout it all I have remained a student human nature. I enjoyed the “because” and “what if.”  If these stories are true, they are only true because of the very nature of parable. They are true because they have meaning only in the mind of the reader and the broader lesson they teach.


I’ve written this website and the stories posted.  I like to think of these stories as parables –as they can have meaning for life and your specific legal problem. If you are a client, you will understand how I think. If you are not, sadly you don’t know how I think.  From this page you will find the stories – just click the link.  At one time they were hidden from the general public. They are now open. If you desire to send me a message, you may enter your message in the place provided. It will automatically appear in my email. I’ll post new stories is a may be written for your enjoyment insight. The National Write Your Novel Month is over but I continue to write for my own enjoyment.

Enjoy exploring this website.


From the questions I have received the answers are as follows:


Not hardly


I write between 2,500 to 7,000 words every day between four o’clock in the morning and eight when I go to work. So please don’t call me then I am occupied; the family needs their sleep.  I roll out of bed in the morning, get my decaf, “Os” and rock on my computer until the sun comes up.


The stories have not been extensively edited. The goal of the National Write Your Novel Month was to inspire writers to write, not edit. So I’ve had to write and write quickly. I posted my stories online for others to enjoy and to challenge myself publicly to complete the test set before me. Each story has a number and date written. If you come across a “grammar” gremlin or a typo please bear in mind that editing is not part of the contest rules. I’m not a self-professed grammar guru. It does drive me insane – if that is a consolation. If I improve my writing it because I’ve gotten better by doing. The editing is to be done after the fact. I will attempt to posted version number so you can see if the story read has remained intact. Who knows, in the rewrite the butler may actually do it.


If you have questions you want to ask, ask away.  I  will attempt to answer them, just drop me a line. Like the page on your facebook if you care. That does make me feel noticed.


If you have questions about story ideas, how I do what I do, I will attempt to answer them. I enjoy dialogue with people. If something doesn’t make sense to you, it probably didn’t make sense to me – but I wrote it anyway. Sometimes I don’t think I have hit the mark, but at others I think I have. I may not know if you don’t tell me, but of course nothing is required of you or from me.  I do want to clarify what I do and make it a rewarding experience with those of you who paused here and were interested enough in reading what I wrote. Please don’t hesitate to ask or tell me something is wrong.  I will keep your comments to myself and act on those to the best of my ability. I have my own limitations as a writer but I am mindful that I’m doing this for fun and not for profit. That being said – I retain the copyright on my work product. Therefore you can read the stories online, or on your phone, but they cannot be printed out.


These stories were usually written in pairs. By this I mean that I wrote a story to illustrate a point and wrote a another story to illustrate the counterpoint. Often I wrote the story to illustrate the aphorism quoted in the story heading.  In others I wrote a story in opposition to the aphorism. The goal was to explore what makes us human and imperfect- yet amazing. I don’t expect people to agree with me but I do expect you to have an opinion.  I may not agree with yours but please drop me a line to express it.


My goal was 30 stories in 30 days. Not all have been posted. I met my writing goal in spades.


I have continued writing after the month is over. I will stay with this as long as the muse is with me; my wife turns off electricity or doesn’t put me out.


Enjoy and comeback soon.



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